Board Hoard Gameplay Prototype Developer Thoughts.

First of all, I now have included new a standalone executable with the game, it also has a new twist. (it keeps getting faster, don't tell @VanSkateren I did this please. ;-) )

It was quite a neat experience, bringing out a game in a new engine in just 2 weeks.

I've gotten a lot of valuable feedback from a lot of people which I'll definitively keep in mind for updates and future projects.

Game Maker Studio was quite a please to use, quite a bummer that I couldn't export to HTML5.

I will keep using Game Maker and I hope to be able to publish more games in it, as well as hopefully continue developing Board Hoard.

I hope you're having as much of a blast playing the game as that it was for me making it.



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Nov 08, 2017

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