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A really neat game with some really nice looking graphics. I wish it was longer but I had really fun playing it!

Thanks for playing, we can't say too much, but we're certainly looking to make more out of this railrollercoaster.


Thanks, your game broke my mind. Good stuff.

From the sounds of it the game made your mind a bit of a trainwreck! 


Hey there, first let me say this game.....I couldn't stop laughing. However a big bug I found I could switch the switches after the front part of the train went past and the train would split into two and the engine part went off into the white dead zone forever. However as I was laughing so hard this was not too much of a problem for me :)

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Glad to hear you're having fun, nothing is better than a good laughter! Unfortunate to hear you lost track of your train! We'll look into it!

Tried downloading it on my Mac and it wouldn't open, not sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was a bug.

Did you get any messages or pop-ups whatsoever? How far could you go? 

I'll see if I can find a MacBook to test it on soon. 

I got it onto my desktop and then when I hit open it just said that that application couldn't be opened. I tried it with a file unarchiver and that wouldn't work either.


It was fun to crash and, explode people in to things. Does that make me demented? *shifty eyes* I see everyone getting bugs XD


Might as well make a sequel called Trainsmissing. We hope you've had fun!

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We had some fun bugs during development as well! Hope that you enjoyed playing!

i have a few questions
1: will you make a sandbox mode where we can just mess with everything cause that is what makes a game fun
2: will you add a mode (for sandbox & normal gameplay) where there are no humans made of hydrogen bombs
3: will you add an option that allows the crashes to be more realistic
thats all i have to ask for


Interesting game, couldn't get all the people off! I did a lets play of it along with some other videos i hope you don't mind!


You're absolutely welcome to cover our game, we hope you've had a blast playing it!