Trainsmission : Post-Jam Fixes.

Hello Everyone,

We at CoolCast hope that everyone is having an absolute blast playing our game.

We've released a small patch that resolves some minor issues while keeping the wackyness of the game intact.


  • Changed the explosive accidents  UI to be more visible as well have more fitting colors.


  • Fixed a common issue that makes the train go out of bounds after having switched the second lever while the train is already going towards the barn. (Note:  you can still use the switch after changing tracks)

We've noticed that people are having a ton of fun with our game, and we want to accelerate that fun even more, so CoolCast will have an internal meeting soon about the future of Trainsmission. Our (rail)road-map is to release a more complete, polished, explosive, feature packed version of Trainsmission in the future.


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Feb 04, 2018 31 MB
Feb 04, 2018 49 MB
Feb 04, 2018

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